Word To Your Motherland At Sol Collective

Word To Your Motherland At Sol Collective

When asked to describe Word to Your Motherland Sembi gave an elaborate answer saying, “Word to Your Motherland originally started last year. This is the second Word to Your Motherland, the first one was held in Oakland last summer. I was a visual artist in the Bay Area and then I took a trip to India and when I went to visit India, which is where my family is from, I ended up meeting a lot of people that were involved with hip-hop out there and I really had no idea that they listed to hip-hop. When I went out there I got the chance to meet a lot of graffiti artists, break dancers and MCs. So when I came back from India I was just so inspired by the hip-hop movement out there. When I came back I was actually approached by a gallery curator who asked if I was interested in having my first solo show.”

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