Sol Life Introduction to Cap City Radio at SXSW 2015

Sol Life Introduction to Cap City Radio at SXSW 2015

Very first look at Sol Life from launching in 2015. Marnette Federis reported for NPR-affiliate in Sacramento, Cap City Radio: “Music programs are central to Sol Collective. One of the center’s most popular feature is its professional recording booth. Sanchez’s husband, Anand Parmar, spearheaded many of the center’s music programs. Parmar, who is a music producer, taught workshops on sound engineering, beat production, recording and DJing.

 It’s important to have a place like this for young people to have a place to go to and to trust elders. A place where they feel at home, they feel comfortable and they know their worth.

But many people in the music programs, found they needed even more support if they wanted to pursue a career in the arts or music. Sanchez and Parmar say that’s where the center’s new record label, Sol Life Music, comes in.

Listen or read the entire piece here.


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