Dio Ganhdih & Chhoti Maa: Indigenous Medicina Tour

Dio Ganhdih is a queer indigenous rapper with a heart beat based in Brooklyn, an imagination spun in upstate New York, and a nervous system best suited for the Bay Area. From deep within Mother Nature’s beauterus, Dio Ganhdih, otherwise known as Heavily Falling Snow, delivers subhersive and unapologetically raw rhymes. Dio utilizes poetry and lyricism to push cultural resiliency while resisting settler-colonialism and distorting imperialist visions of her native homeland.

CHHOTI MAA was born out of a tradition of migrants in Guanajuato and forced by the Mexican post-NAFTA exodus into movement. Her raps have roots in her grandmothers poetic recitation and in Mexican oral tradition. She developed through poetry and got training in gospel and soul singing in Albany, Georgia. In 2007, CHHOTI MAA established herself as a rapper/singer in Richmond VA in 2007, but really deepened her freestyle & lyrical skills in Trujillo, Peru in 2010. CHHOTI MAA’s music deals with decolonial living, migrant swag and reconstructing the womyn temple. CHHOTI MAA is a cultural producer-organizer, educator, bruja, writer and artist.

We got to sit down with these two revolutionary artists on their recent stop by the Sol Collective to talk about the music and the mission.


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