Let’s Believe in Sacramento’s Art Community

Let’s Believe in Sacramento’s Art Community

An open letter from our very own Andru Defeye on the importance of arts education and engagement.

“I believe in the magic of Sacramento’s arts community because I’ve lived it. When I first came to Sacramento, I was specifically told by poets in San Francisco to find Khiry Malik and Mahogany — the longest-running urban poetry event in Sacramento (held at Queen Sheba restaurant on Broadway every Wednesday night). I’ve been involved at Sol Collective, where I learned the traditions of Dia De Los Muertos from Aztec Dancers and met Punjabi Hip Hop artists that have shaped the way I think and write. I’ve shed tears as a judge at Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) competitions where teenagers have performed slam poems that made me question my fears, my bias and my privilege as a writer. I have participated in activations and events at The Brickhouse that have given me a new understanding of “community.”

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