Let's Get Intersectsy with Luke Tailor
March 22, 2017

Let’s Get Intersectsy with Luke Tailor

Tay invites musician, poet, and father Luke Tailor, onto 3Ex’s to chat about the #EgoChallenge, struggles with intersectionality and ways to lift from pessimism.

Introduction on Experience, Express, Exhale
March 08, 2017

Introduction on Experience, Express, Exhale

What’s hannin’…I’m Taylor D and welcome to Experience. Express. Exhale: Guidelines to a Healthier Mind. I’m a natural hair enthusiast and self-proclaimed “Afro-samurista.” I love books about self-worth, carry incense around like hot sauce and...

Rock your life
February 22, 2017

Building A Stronger Relationship w/ Self

Do you feel like you can’t always be yourself? This episode is about developing a relationship with oneself, a brief story on Nora’s journey and how she had to work on herself from the age...

Rock your life
February 16, 2017

Thriving In A Mentally Fit Mindset

What does it mean to be Mentally Fit? -How does being Mentally Fit benefit you? -Creating a simple daily ritual to nurture and cultivate the inner you, enriching your mindset -Examples in real life of taking control when...

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