Homeless, Troubled Teen Turned Thriving Entrepreneur w/ John Pyron

Rock your life
Mentors and Coaches Will Help You Increase Your Income
The Mindset needed to get started
John Pyron, The Business Doctor, brings an comedic edge to the stories regarding his troubled upbringing.
A homeless, druggie teen living with criminals in Oakland, to thriving Entrepreneur, John discusses how he made a decision to change his life on the streets at 17 1/2.  His pursuit for his own success led to him helping grow 6-7 million dollar figures for many companies over the last 26 years.
He is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their goals fast, with a track record of success in less than 6 months.  Listen to his amazing journey and many of his tips to that will help increase your income.
He will inspire you!
Included: The negative association with sales that has been taught to us, and how to overcome the resistance

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