Introduction on Experience, Express, Exhale

Introduction on Experience, Express, Exhale
What’s hannin’…I’m Taylor D and welcome to Experience. Express. Exhale: Guidelines to a Healthier Mind.
I’m a natural hair enthusiast and self-proclaimed “Afro-samurista.” I love books about self-worth, carry incense around like hot sauce and Pinterest-recipe my way to greatness. Conversations with me will almost always contain ideas of how to spark collective thought with bits of Black Excellence sprinkled in.

Experience. Express. Exhale. serves as a space to normalize discussions of mental health and wellness. New guests join me each week and we discuss topics ranging from daily struggles to thoughts and feelings on societal constructs. We juuust might spill tea, snatch edges and pull gags from time to time.

These segments are meant to inspire you, young men and women of color, to speak your mind, stay up to date on the world around you and love the journey you are on no matter where you are.

I want to grow and learn with you by sharing these 3 techniques:

Share, process and evaluate Experiences.
Reflect on present and past forms of Expression.
Exhale and take time to cleanse your mind with controlled breathing.

I look forward to taking this journey with you every 1st and 3rd Thursday on ITunes, Google Play and YouTube!


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