Never to walk again? w/ John Cardiel

Never to walk again? w/ John Cardiel

Never to walk again?

Northern California Skateboard Legend, John Cardiel

Over 13 years ago, Local Sacramento Pro Skateboarder/Snowboarder was hit in the lower portion of his body, by a van hitched with a trailer while traveling through Australia.

This is his personal healing journey after he was told by doctors he’d never walk again, he candidly shares his recovery, as well as having to relearn how to use his facilities all over again.

He’s “no Ex”. And he’s into anything that moves.

Cardiel’s mindset since his early years:

“I don’t like anyone telling me anything negative.”

“I could not accept being told I’d never walk again. It didn’t make sense. I focused every day on feeling movement and I finally did 3 months later.

Amazing man and wisdom. Inspiring.

Contact: find him around Sac! And online all over you tube.


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