#SchoolsNotPrisons DIY Grant


Sol Collective is seeking proposals from California artists, media makers, youth, activists, educators, and organizations for #SchoolsNotPrisons DIY events.

#SchoolsNotPrisons events highlight the many ways our systems of punishment harm communities, particularly communities of color.

We are looking for innovative ideas that use arts, culture and people power to challenge California’s culture of punishment and propose solutions that move public dollars away from prisons and other oppressive forms of punishment, into education, health, prevention and youth development.

Proposals should identify an aspect of the punishment system (immigrant prisons, harsh school discipline, youth incarceration, war on drugs, etc), the harm it causes, and alternative solutions.

Sol Collective will be funding up to 15 community projects, up to $5,000 per project. Sol Collective will be working closely with community partners throughout the state to provide support and technical assistance to bring these projects to fruition as part of the 2018 #SchoolsNotPrisons DIY event series.


Sol Collective is looking to fund and support creative projects or community activations in any artistic medium. Projects must provide education on current punitive systems and bring awareness to alternative investments.

Creative projects could include:

  • Art installations
  • Town Hall conversations
  • Film screenings
  • Book talk
  • Musical, dance, or spoken word performance
  • Anything else you can think of!

SNP DIY cannot support or fund any of the following:

  • Your personal album or mixtape
  • Large capital and equipment purchases, for example, laptops, printers, or any large items that would not be one-time use.
  • Any event that would be exclusive and not open to the public. Any events must be free and open to the public.


Organizations, artists, community groups (not specific to 501c3), media makers, youth, community partners, and anyone with a creative way to increase awareness around systems of punishment and alternatives.


  • Applicant must live in the State of California
  • Applicants can be individuals, community groups, or organizations.
  • Projects cannot include lobbying. Lobbying is the practice of trying to persuade elected officials to propose, pass, or defeat legislation, including voter registration activities and bi-partisan speech or language opposing or promoting candidates. Please reach out if you have questions regarding your project idea and lobbying.


You can apply for your project by filling out the form provided below.  Answers are limited to 500 words. Any questions or further information can be emailed to SNPDIY@SolCollective.org

Community members can also apply via video entry:

  • Keep videos 5 minutes in length or less.
  • Email to SNPDIY@SolCollective.org 
  • Please answer the following questions:
    • Project Description: Describe the proposed project. Include the city and area of the city it will involve, the stages, and all partners
    • List at least two project goals and at least two anticipated outcomes.
    • Explain how your project will address the harm caused by our culture of punishment, and what alternative investments you envision.
    • How will this project engage the community?
    • How will community members participate or gain access to this project?
    • Explain your project timeline.
    • Project Budget: How much are you asking for and how will you use it?


Applications must be received by Sol Collective no later than April 16th, 2018.


  • Awards Announced: May 20th, 2018
  • Project Timeline: June 2018-March 2019
  • Project Report Due: April 25, 2019


Successful projects will focus on collaboration between community members, artists, organizers, students, etc. to end harmful punishment practices and replace them with investments in education, health, and prevention.

We are also interested in projects that build on existing campaigns or have potential to grow and become sustainable, making a long-lasting contribution to communities.

Project Description: