Our History


Established in 2005, Sol Collective is a community-based partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural, and educational programming, promote social justice, and empower youth through art, activism, music, and media experience. Based in Sacramento, California, Sol Collective collaborates with global and local artists activists to host art exhibitions, community workshops, youth programming, and platforms for public organizing from coast to coast.


Sol Collective works to team young creatives with professional mentors across artistic disciplines and mobilize the arts as a means of community building and personal empowerment. Working to amplify the voice of underrepresented communities from Sacramento to New York City, in 2015 Sol Collective launched it’s own collaborative record label, Sol Life, and media outlet, Sol Life Media, at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas.

Our Vision

Sol Collective’s vision is to create a safe, creative space for the next generation and leave a legacy of arts, culture, and activism both locally and globally by serving as an incubator for community artists, organizations, and programs.

Our Team

Sol Collective is committed to building and cultivating an innovative collaborative non-profit model centered around multi-generational, cross cultural creation as a means of facilitating inclusive societal conversations.

Our Community Partners

Sol Collective’s foundation is built in establishing and nurturing community partnerships. Sol Collective currently has partnerships with the Sacramento History Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, Foreign Native, The Sacramento Young Feminist Alliance, Zero Forbidden Goals and more.